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Edinburgh, an Ríocht Aontaithe

Walking piece details

Duration 60 minutes
Cost 15 euros

Part of the Walk This Play® series by ThickSkin, in association with the Traverse Theatre.

Don your headphones and get ready to eavesdrop in this latest solo audio experience from ThickSkin. Celebrating the stories and people who are the heartbeat and spirit of Edinburgh, Eavesdropping asks who gets to define a city, who gets to be it’s guide and who’s story matters.

Eavesdropping takes audiences on an adventure through familiar and unfamiliar streets of Scotland’s capital, revealing new sides to and stories of the people who (may) live here. This location-based walking audio play by Hannah Lavery and Sarah MacGillivray, the latest in ThickSkin’s Walk This Play® series, will encourage audiences to look differently at the rich tapestry of people you may walk past every day, whether you notice them or not.

Hannah Lavery and Sarah MacGillivray

Jonnie Riordan

Composer & Sound Designer
Finn Anderson

Eleanor White



ThickSkin is reinventing theatre for the next generation. We are reimagining what theatre can be and looking to share human stories through quality, future-facing, multi-disciplined formats. We’re developing 360° artists of the future for a hybrid world...

Near Edinburgh, an Ríocht Aontaithe

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