Is There a Place for REVOlution? or Peace and Biscuits

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Walking piece details

Duration 15 minutes
Cost Free

A site-specific sound walk and art installation using found text and images from graffiti in the area. The piece includes local history, political activism and suggestions for those who find themselves – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – in a dark tunnel with no way out. A red line loops along the wall, supported by defunct metal brackets which used to carry railway cables. Along the red line hangs multi-colour bunting with appliquéd images referring to those which can be found sprayed elsewhere by taggers. The spoken sound track speaks directly to the listener encouraging a sensual response to the environment. It is augmented with recordings of local birds and a public demonstration.

Tamsin Grainger

Tamsin Grainger

I am a walker, writer, collector of images and sounds, and Shiatsu practitioner. Until Covid-19 restricted my travel bug, I lived in Edinburgh for half the year and moved around Europe for the other 6 months. I am mostly in Scotland now, although have rece...


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