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SWS22 2022

Merging Spaces, 2022

Multiple locations
Sound walk

A collaboration between:

Frans van Lent in Badefols d’Ans, 4513.8125,N 00111.7601,E
and Elia Torrecilla in Valencia, 3928.9769,N 00022.4449,W.

Performed on January 15, 2022; 16:00-17:00 (CET).

While Frans van Lent walked through Badefols d’Ans (France), Elia Torrecilla walked through the streets of Valencia (Spain). They activated the sleepy sounds that were in their path. Like collectors of found sounds, they exchanged them in real time through the mobile phone. Both transited through a third space created from the superposition of two sound walks.

Two simultaneous improvised sound walks in the streets of Valencia and Badefols d’Ans.
Sounds were created through the improvised use of anything the walkers encountered during the stroll.
The continuous exchange of the live sounds via telephone allowed for immediate feedback and response.

Both recordings were superimposed in the editing process,
maintaining their stereo structure,
and making them part of the same sound space.

APA style reference

elia.torrecilla, & van Lent, F. (2022). Merging Spaces, 2022. walk · listen · create.



Frans van Lent


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