Nambour Heritage Soundtrail

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112 Currie St, Nambour QLD 4560, Australia

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Duration90 minutes
Cost free

Drawing together history and heritage, local stories and great original music, the Nambour Heritage Soundtrail is a contemporary take on an older Australian town that once saw it at the heart of sweeping cane farms for miles around. From the sugar mill, beauty quests and old Vogue cinema, to the infamy of Bayards Corner and Collins Cafe, the Nambour Heritage Soundtrail is a locative audio walk that comes to us through the voice of locals whose lives and memories are buried beneath the streets. With ex PowderFinger’s Jon Coghill as our narrator, sound design by award winning producer, Hamish Sewell, and stunning backing tracks by local band, Biscuit, the Nambour Heritage Soundtrail puts the hipster into the heritage of one of the Sunshine Coast’s oldest towns.

We’ll be walking the trail together on the Monday morning (still Sunday UK time) and stopping off to have a chat at the end and to do some live streaming of the event.

Near 112 Currie St, Nambour QLD 4560, Australia

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