Nanango Heritage Walk

The Nanano Heritage Soundtrail is an original audio feast of stories, sounds and shared memories from Queensland’s fourth oldest town.

The Nanango Soundtrail comes to us through the nimble footed journeying of 92 year old former mayor, Reg McCallum. Born in the 1920s to some of the first settlers, Reg shares memories with local historian Liz Caffery and recalls a thriving town built on diary and timber.
Reg takes us on a simple route around this historic town, from Tara’s Hall to the old railway station.

Boasting world class audio production and some of the town’s centrepiece landmarks, the Nanango Heritage Soundtrail is a truly engaging way to spend forty minutes and get to know the people of this hidden-gem of a town.

Since 2019
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Language English
Hosted by Soundtrails
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Twitter @hamishsewell
Duration 45 minutes
Cost free
Location Nanango QLD, Australia

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