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Poor Old Horse

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Sandwich, Kent, UK
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Poor Old Horse is a film commissioned for the research project ‘Celebrating the Kentish Hooden Horse’ and the connected national exhibition, ‘Animal Guising and the Kentish Hooden Horse’, with support from Arts Council England, National Lottery for heritage and Canterbury Christ Church University.

The piece explores the relationship of the Hoodening custom to the landscape of its origin through walking and embodied experience, spoken word, and the re-visioning of archival material and traditional music.
It was filmed on location in East Kent in January 2023 and screened in the exhibition from February – June 2023.

The piece can now be viewed online here:


Words written and spoken by Sonia Overall
Hooden Horse performed by James Frost
‘Poor Old Horse’ Sea Shanty sung by Geoff Doel
Tom West voiced by Tony Cooper

David Batchelor: percussion
Gerry O’Brien: fiddle
Sonia Overall: recorders, tin whistle, bells
Carol Partridge: hurdy gurdy, concertina, recorder

Filmed, directed and edited by Sonia Overall

APA style reference

Overall, S. (2023). Poor Old Horse. walk · listen · create.

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hybrid flaneur/flaneuse

Hybrid flaneur/flaneuse has become a performative “orchestrator” of steps and technologies – of sensory and emotional encounters. It is this oscillation between the poetic, the socio-technological, the geographical and the emotional that shifts the meaning of flanerie and walking in the 21st century. Hybrid flaneur/flaneuse can be also described in line with the cultural and aesthetic trajectories of the 20th century ambulatory practices. Therefore, a hybrid flaneur/flaneuse could be a creative merging of the romanticised view of early flaneur, the radical tactics and political implications of psychogeography and the performative/site-oriented elements of Fluxus and Land Art – all considered through a wide range of embodied media, social and geographical sensitivities.

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