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SWS22 2022

Rise Up, and Mitcham Common

Multiple locations
5 minutes
Sound walk

Here are two walks (in fact they were runs) embodied in musical responses to the landscape as two songs. One took place in South London’s Mitcham Common, the other in a nature reserve on the edge of Stockholm in a place called Bagarmossen. The songs are a collaboration between London-based Andrew Simms, who ran the runs and wrote the words, and the Stockholm-based musicians Anna Jonsson (also a runner) and Sara Nilsson who wrote the music and perform the songs. The music explores the essential value, connection and sensory nourishment we get from urban green spaces, and the acute awareness of wider ecological issues that they trigger.

Rise Up

CC-BY-NC: Andrew Simms, Anna Jonsson, Sara Nilsson

Mitcham Common

CC-BY-NC: Andrew Simms, Anna Jonsson, Sara Nilsson

APA style reference

Simms, A. (2022). Rise Up, and Mitcham Common. walk · listen · create.

One thought on “Rise Up, and Mitcham Common

  1. Love these – spare and stunning harmonies with some lovely snippets that make your spine tingle. “Quenchless thirst” is one such. A hymn to the green in cities and the power of nature.

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