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SCHRITTWEISE Choreographing City / Choreographing Walking

German / English
Walking piece

The web-site offers material for the 2 layers of the project SCHRITTWEISE (step-by-step):

SCHRITTWEISE Choreographing City is a participatory performance in and with the city, allowing a choreography to emerge from small experiments with movement and perception, conducted while walking. On the web-site you find the documentation of the performance interventions SCHRITTWEISE, which will be actualized with further adaptations to other places.

SCHRITTWEISE Choreographing Walking is a free construction-play-kit for studies, researches and works on choreographing walking.


Concept, choreography, artistic director & speaker: Katja Münker

Documentation, videography, website-design & artistic cooperation: Andrea Keiz

Production management & artistic cooperation: Paula Kramer

Dramaturgic cooperation: Maxim Kares

Sound-Design: Mattef Kuhlmey

Graphics & technical director: Andreas Harder

Research-lab-participants & test-walkers

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Aid-Program Dance. In cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin.

APA style reference

Münker, K. (2022). SCHRITTWEISE Choreographing City / Choreographing Walking. walk · listen · create.

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To walk with long, purposeful strides: Here’s Robbie comin stendin up da rodd.

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