Sonic Sedimentation

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Pearl District, Portland, OR, USA

Walking piece details

Duration 40 minutes
Cost Free

Tanner Springs Park is northwest of downtown Portland, near highways, train stations, and the Willamette River, surrounded by trams for three sides and low-to- high rise residential buildings around four sides. The theme of the park is its wetland history, revealing the scene once alive from the past. Guided by Portland-based composer Yuan-Chen Li, this Soundwalk imagines the process of sedimentation for the participants. Sporadically accompanied by the composer’s “musical signage,” the 40-minute guided promenade brings the participants to understand the turbulent sound of traffic activity, the harmony of singing water and raindrops, ending in the joyful discovery and exploration of one’s inner space interacting with different materials built for the park.

Third Angle New Music

Third Angle New Music

SWS Award winner

The music of our time creates a soundtrack to contemporary life, existing at the intersection of musical forms from jazz and classical to rock and electronica. For more than 30 years, Third Angle New Music has played outside the lines of the expected with ...

Yuan-Chen Li

Yuan-Chen Li

Yuan-Chen Li first arrived on the contemporary music scene in Taiwan with her very personal use of instrumentation and style in her chamber music piece Zang (the funeral) in 2000. In 2003, the expression and orchestration of her orchestral work Awakening w...

Near Pearl District, Portland, OR, USA

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