Soundwalk: “Aquí habita un río” (A river lives here)

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Language English / Spanish
Duration 6 minutes

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Have you ever talked to a river? Bodies of water carry knowledge about who we are and how we related to the human and non-human. Panama City has a strong bond with bodies of water through the Panama Canal and its eight urban rivers, but how is that relationship?

This multisensorial soundwalk followed one of those rivers and the most polluted: Matasnillo River. This is a letter to its six-kilometer of stream from the source until it reaches the ocean. What can the river tell about the world? What does the river say about us? This is an open letter to its path.

Mar Alzamora

Mar Alzamora

Musician, sound artist, writer, educator and cultural manager. Founder and double bass player of the Paisaxe chamber group and also co-founder of the ArtTIC Electronic Arts Festival. Her rhizomatic artistic research is based on the multisensory exploration...

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