South of Shoreham Port

Walking piece details

Duration 60 minutes

Beyond the lorries thundering past, the cries of seagulls and roar of waves there are other sounds. This walk presents a small fraction of a larger collection of real and imagined (what I like to call phantom) sounds recorded in the area around Shoreham Port. This is the first tentative sharing of a larger developing project inviting people to explore this space in a different way and reflect on how we listen.

The walk begins at The Port Kitchen cafe and works its way along Basin Road South and then back towards Port Kitchen. It invites participants to explore the area around Shoreham Port in a different way, listening to the often hidden sounds and blurring the boundaries of what is real and what is imagined. Via the Echoes sound walk app, sounds are triggered as participants walk through different zones along the route, from the internal mechanisms of wind turbines and screeches of the steel depot, to dawn chorus on the hot pipe and storm winds blowing across the lock gates. Over a 12 month period Simon developed his deep listening practice and got to know the area intimately, this sound walk reflects a fraction of the sounds recorded during that time.


A self taught sound artist based near Brighton on the south coast of England. Mixes field recordings and electronic compositions and sound designs blurring the line between real and imagined. Currently developing and expanding my approach to working with l...

Near Shoreham Port, Southwick, Brighton, UK

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