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Ymittos, Greece
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The third space is a peripatetic participatory performance, that employs the principles of Permaculture in the city, working specifically with the first principle of ‘observe and interact’. The project emphasizes an embodied sense of being in and experiencing the urban space as an ‘active agent’, real and imaginary, dramatic and scenographic.
The scope of the work is to re-imagine human-nature relations and create “a caring for the earth | caring for each other” spatial narrative. The participants are invited to form and construct their dramaturgical interpretations in this peripatetic route using an eco-choreographic approach.
They walk through spaces that brace mobility and place the body in. They meet the performative language of poetry that stimulates engagement with the landscape. The project views the city as a collection of scenographic settings. Treating buildings, roads, pocket parks, and squares, as frames, theatricalizes the real space and challenges the common perception of the city. The third space is an invitation towards rethinking how we gather and the practices that we share when we do.


Artistic advisor: Anastasia Barka
Illustration/Graphic Design: Genevieve Athanasopoulou
Greek Translation: Maria Blana

The work was conceived and flourished within the context of the Moving Ground project, supported by Duncan Dance Research Center.
Hosted by: Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center

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keeping distance

Moving in a way so as to maintain distance between self and one or two other animals within view.

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