Tales of Kirkstall Abbey

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Abbey Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, UK

Walking piece details

Cost Free but ruins are ticketed for non-Leeds residents

The Church


Discover the history Kirkstall Abbey and the people who lived and worked there with the free informal audio guide.

Tales of Kirkstall Abbey is a series of short conversations with different people who work at the abbey today. The guide provides an immersive experience of ten areas across the ruins, highlighting some of the fascinating stories from its past.

The informal audio guide provides an insight into the lives of people who were involved in the abbey, including the interesting roles of the Cistercian monks in the 1100s, the experiences that overnight guests would have had, and the ultimate downfall of the abbey by order of Henry VIII.

The trail is accessible for free via the website or in person using your smartphone or tablet. Please scan the QR code on the information boards or follow the short URL.

Please note, headphones are not provided. Visitors are welcome to listen to the trail with or without headphones.

Entrance to the ruins is through the visitor centre/shop.

Near Abbey Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, UK

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