Tayport in 2030 – a walking tour

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This is a walking tour of Tayport in 2030 which is based on ideas from community visioning day, Tayport Pop Up 2030, held during COP26, 5 Nov 2021 (https://tayportgarden.org/event/pop-up-tayport-2030-a-visioning-workshop/). It is in a format of a guided audio tour around Tayport, using the izi.travel app.
The tour imagines how, as a community, we helped make Tayport more planet- and people-friendly and offers an inspiration for conversations and community project planning, in Tayport and beyond.
It was created in partnership between PLANT (People Learning About Nature in Tayport) of Tayport Community Trust (https://tayportgarden.org) and CULTIVATE project of Creative Dundee (https://creativedundee.com/cultivate/).
The script was written by Kathleen Gray and Kaska Hempel with feedback from others. Zoë Swann, working with us as a part of CULTIVATE project, created illustrations and the accompanying map. Our tour guide’s voice was brought to life by Taylor Dyson. Memories of the future exercise was inspired by Rob Hopkins, author of From What If to What Is, and the visioning session, by Transition movement’s Pop Up Tomorrow idea.

Kaska Hempel

Kaska Hempel is a community podcaster and SCCAN Story Weaver passionate about sharing inspiring stories of grassroots climate action and helping others to do so. She has been involved in climate action and communication for over 7 years. She has been produ...

Kathleen Gray

Kathleen Gray

I enjoy creative writing and poetry. I have been involved with PLANT as a volunteer blogger and have some experience of working with PLANT Voices podcast. I wrote the script for Tayport in 2030 walking tour, based on the summary of ideas from the Visioning...

Near Tayport, Fife, UK

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