The Last Eccentrics of Greenwich Village

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The epicenter of New York City’s 1960s countercultural movement, the nonconforming tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village attracted nonconforming residents.

A fully immersive, mobile audio tour through the streets of Greenwich Village, a place that once was a sort of Bohemia, a crucible for art, community, and rebellion. From the secret meetings of the Arch Conspirators to the riots at the Stonewall Inn, see Greenwich Village through a whole new lens.

Download the Gesso app for the best experience including an interactive map and autoplay feature for self-guided walks.

Henna Wang

United States

Hi! I am Henna Wang, an art historian and sociologist deeply interested in human creativity and connection. My work across the arts and international development sectors have prepped me for my most important role yet: as Co-founder and Co-CEO of Gesso. Ges...

Michael Reynolds

United States

I love exploring cities and have been really fortunate to have lived in a lot of places. I met my wife while I was living in London and we became fast friends with a mutual admiration for exploration and travel. Both of us love last-minute, poorly-planned ...

Near Greenwich Village, New York, NY, USA

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