Walk Through Campina Grande Central Fair

CC-BY-NC: Orlando Freitas

The soundtrack called Walk Through Campina Grande Central Fair is a brief but intense soundscape that makes us dive into the daily life of Campina Grande Central Market in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. Market is recognized in 2017 by the Institute of Heritage National Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iphan) as Brazilian Intangible Cultural Heritage. In addition to intense trade, it is also a reference, creation, expression, sociability and identity of the people of the state of Paraíba and also because not for all people in northeastern Brazil. This large popular market is an example of an inexhaustible land of knowledge, expressions, accents and dialogues, regional traditions and customs, and a laboratory where we can exercise listening and the diverse perceptions of everyday life in which we are immersed. Finally recording and compiling the sounds of a given society is of utmost importance so that future generations can hear, imagine and why not see us again.

Since 2019
Language Portuguese
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Duration 6 minutes
Location Campina Grande, PB, Brasil
Location Multiple locations

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