Entangled Formation


Walking piece details


CC-BY-NC: Babak Fakhamzadeh

Entangled Formations, a site-relational sound-walk, weaves together stories and movements of non-human inhabitants of Prague, entangling local, migratory, and visiting birds in a sonorous world that the audience can listen in on and delve into. Poetic reflections and facts on birds’ complex songs, lives and cognizance intermingle with extensive field recordings from Prague and interviews with ornithologist Petr Vorisek from the Czech Ornithological Society. Through the free sound-app Locosonic, listeners can walk around as they please in the landscape of Stromovka Park and Holesoviche and listen in on the carefully placed sounds. Walking around activates the audio through your body’s movements, the app, and the GPS of your phone. The listener’s routes intermingle with the ones sonified, creating a non-linear narrative of past, present, and future. The work encourages us to listen closely and relate more intimately to our immediate surroundings and to whom we share our spaces and lives with. We are all part of an entangled network of different species and entities. A delicate, intricate, vast weave including all living and non-living things. Sound as an omnipresent and physical, yet highly ephemeral phenomenon is potent for representing this complex mesh that surrounds us, but that we do not always see or take into account. GPS and internet are ubiquitous phenomena as well, a completely integrated part of our ecology in this post-technological era. Its patterns can look like the threads of neuro-patterns, but also like bird migration routes.

Anne Cecilie Caroline Brunborg Lie

Anne Cecilie Caroline Brunborg Lie

SWS Award winner

Through her work, Lie examines how to create in our current geological era proposed as the Anthropocene, with its accompanying philosophical and ethical questions, as well as for possible futures. She points out blind zones in social and built structures a...

Near Stromovka, Prague 7-Bubeneč, Tsjekkia

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