Walkie Talkie Dream Garden

Walkie Talkie Dream Garden is an interactive soundwalk for the waterfront areas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Hamburg (Germany) developed by sound artist and composer Dafna Naphtali. Since launching in 2018 and for the foreseeable future, anyone can download the app to experience the walk 24/7 exclusively on-site in Williamsburg and Hamburg.

Walk, run, ride or listen on the passing ferry to experience the sounds of the Williamsburg Brooklyn waterfront, and hear historical and imagined soundscapes, juxtaposed with vocal pieces to recreate the former Bushwick Creek, trainyards from Williamsburg’s industrial past, and playground equipment whimsically transformed into percussion, and a giant marimba.

Walkie Talkie Dream Garden is experienced via a free mobile-device app using U-GRUVE AR Audio Augmented-Reality platform by Richard Rodkin. Geo-tagged audio files, originally recorded on-site to create short electroacoustic compositions, are played / altered by the physical (GPS) location of the participants listening over headphones. Available on-site only in Williamsburg Brooklyn (NY, USA) and the Wilhelmsburg neighborhood of Hamburg (Germany), the work focusing and commenting on uniques sounds of industrial and post-industrial-artist-occupied-gentrifying areas.

Since 2018
Website URL
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Twitter @walkietalkdream
Duration 50 minutes
Location Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Location Multiple locations

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