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Walking with Ghosts

Walking with Ghosts
Folkestone Harbour Arm, Harbour Approach Road, Folkestone, UK


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Walking piece

Walking with Ghosts was staged for 84 hours at Folkestone Harbour Arm Station in November 2022.
Interweaving past and present to explore the impact of war on Folkestone over the last 100 years, the whole programme took place over 84 hours: from 11am on Friday 11 November to 11pm on Monday 14 November 2022. This is the length of time it would have taken the dead from the First World War to march past the Cenotaph.

Walkshop 3: So it Goes

CC-BY-NC: Elspeth Penfold

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Penfold, E. (2023). Walking with Ghosts. walk · listen · create.

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A short walk or stroll, as in “I’ll take a slew around the harbour before going to bed.” from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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