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It’s not been hours since going live, and here are the latest additions to I am the Walker . com. With the four additions below, we now track 52 blogs about walking.

Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage

Richard is an artist/researcher, critically exploring walking, social media and intangible cultural heritage, busying himself with performative walking as a creative, ecological, non-confrontational engagement with obscured and reluctant heritage.

rdb notes

Roger Boyle, the visiting chair at the Leeds School of Computing, writes about his encounters while walking.

Hybrid Flaneur

Hybrid Flaneur, by Bill Psarras, is an online platform, a dedicated space of reflection on the contemporary artist-flaneur of the 21st century metropolis, open to various fields including: artists, anthropologists, urban sociologists, cultural theorists, human geographers, curators, architects, technologists and many cultural practitioners that find themselves in-between these fields

Mindy Goose

Mindy Goose is a Leeds-based photographer, artist, workshop leader and project manager, working with community, disability, leading walks, and exploring environments.

daily rounds

Elspeth Owen lives and works in Grantchester near Cambridge.


Tim Waters, a freelance geospatial developer / consultant based in Yorkshire, his take on psychogeography.

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