30 Nov 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-11-30 11:07:00

The Listening Post A collection of short stories. A collaborative binaural production by Elspeth (Billie ) Penfold  through Thread and Word .A Review by the award winning poet and author Owen Lowery The Listening Post had its launch at T...


PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible, Soundwalking

(English below) Marcher Les pied accordés au sol à l’humus nourricier humus et humilité ont une même racine écouter le sol l’air le vivant donc le Tout les oreilles accordées aux vibrations sonores dans une écologie où la sociabilité est au centre du projet un process écho-logique où la bienveillante est essentielle l’expérience collective est … Continuer à lire ... "PAS – Parcours Audio...

29 Nov 2019 | Blake Morris

52 Scores – 2/52

2/52 < Train ticket receipt with pasted on text. The text reads: 'a profoundly social activity', going for a walk with collaborators at a distance, body-to-body solitary dérive the artist is no longer in town correspondence between a work of art, ...

28 Nov 2019 | THE LRM

Decembers First Sunday

Greetings dear friends and fellow loiterers   First Sunday This Sunday and we will be gathering for our last wander of the year. The location has been chosen by request, we also explored the area at night last month and we will be marking change in our own curious way.   Please join us this Sunday, December 1st, starting 2pm in Cutting Room Square Ancoats.   For those who wish to join us for the first time or just fancy a refresher here's some useful info. Our walks are alwa...

26 Nov 2019 | Jack Lowe

Making The Timekeeper’s Return: Testing

___________________________________One year ago this autumn, I reached the culmination of an overwhelming three months of creative work and collaboration when I designed, wrote and directed The Timekeeper’s Return, a story-based immersive treasure hunt...

26 Nov 2019 | Blake Morris

52 Scores

52 Scores (2019-2020) So much scrap. On my bookshelf sits a pile of scrap paper: mailers, print-outs of old drafts, REF guidance documents and outdated cases studies. I decided to put it all to good use. Every day I am picking a piece of scrap p...

25 Nov 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking Meetings: How to Have One

Are you interested in trying walking meetings? Take a look at this infographic about why you’d want to. In short, it’s worth leaving the comfort of the office to take a working wander so that you can have better ideas, build relationships, relieve stress, exercise and connect with the environment. A walking meeting is a little … Walking Meetings: How to Have OneRead More »

25 Nov 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking Meetings: What Are They Good For?

The walking meeting is very fashionable at the moment. However, offices now have so much to offer. They can be beautiful spaces with lots of light, cool furniture and even free refreshments. So, why would we leave this comfortable space to go out and battle with the elements? Here are the main reasons that it … Walking Meetings: What Are They Good For?Read More »