09 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Stroud’s Political Spectrum

Stroud’s Spectrum The colours of Stroud’s spectrum are not what they seem: Vote Red: Get Green. And this you know is true: Vote Green: Get Blue. It’s not some fictive story: Vote Green: Get Tory. So keep it real and serene: Vote Red: Get Green...

09 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Jolly Well Vote Labour

Jolly Well Vote Labour: A New Christmas Carol Oh for a new Charles Dickens classic: Jolly Well Vote Labour – No more of that Bob Cratchit toasting Scrooge: "Mr. Scrooge!... I'll give you Mr. Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast!" – In the most comple...


City Sonic 2019 -Voirmarchécouter Louvain la Neuve

Parcours entre chiens et loups L’obscurité gagne du terrain entre-deux le fond de l’air est frais humide je parcours la cité un circuit festivalier bien connu de mes pieds et de mon corps marchant depuis plusieurs semaines en zigzag ou en lignes traversantes aujourd’hui sans micros. à oreilles nues dirais-je cette fois-ci avec un appareil … Continuer à lire ... "City Sonic 2019 -Voirmarchécouter Louvain la Neuve"

08 Dec 2019 | rdb notes

Lion’s Holt

I journeyed from Aberystwyth to Lympstone, involving 5 trains - the last leg was the branch line from Exeter Central down to Exmouth. As you will know, Central was the high level station operated by Southern, who also controlled the Exmouth branch, g...

07 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Medieval Monarchy and a Radical View

Edward the Second Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes, Fairy Stories for children and for grown-ups, But this is no fairy tale, This is the story of a reign gone wrong: King Edward the Second, most foul murdered, So-say, on our Berkeley Cast...

07 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Radical Cirencester

Cirencester seems like a typical High-Tory Cotswold sort of town, Men in yellow and red cord trousers - Profuse pocket kerchiefs, tweed jackets, Highly polished shiny brown brogue shoes, Conservative ladies who take luncheon, Just one silent begg...

06 Dec 2019 | Reading and Walking

115. Chris Mays, “‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: Complexity, Facts, and Creative Nonfiction”

Tired of reading about methodologies in the social sciences, I retreated to more familiar ground: the humanities in general, and Chris Mays’s “‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: Complexity, Facts, and Creative Nonfiction” in particular. Mays begins with a 30-year-old article on rhetoric by Jim W. Corder, in which Corder explains that “we all ‘creat[e] […]


Workshop – MarchÉcouteR – Installer l’écoute (et l’écoutant) dans la Ville

Installer l’écoute (et l’écoutant) dans la Ville   Quelques pistes pour bien (mieux) s’entendre avec la ville : Poser une oreille curieuse, ouverte, sensible, au gré des pas, dans des approches esthétiques, écologiques et sociales. Laisser ses préjugés au vestiaire (beaux sons ou vilains bruits considérés avec le même statut d’objet d’écoute) Capter des sons (enregistrés), … Cont...

05 Dec 2019 | Reading and Walking

114. Candace Jesse Stout, “Postrepresentational Qualitative Research Writing”

In my last post, I doubted the existence of something called “postrepresentational writing.” Foolish me! Here’s an editorial on just that topic. Apparently, that phrase means “writing about writing” (227)—at least in part. “[A]s postrepresentational qualitative researchers, we know the relationship between language and meaning to be fragile and thin,” Candace Stout writes (227). And […]

05 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Common People

The lexicon of popular history, With its ridge and furrowed semantic fields and stories, Opens doors of childhood perception, To fields of knowledge, imagination, Wonderment and enchantment – But, I think, especially enchantment. Take, for exampl...

05 Dec 2019 | Blake Morris

52 Scores Set

52 Scores (2019-2020) The next walk for 52 Scores will be: Sunday, 8 December 2019 - Elephant and Castle, London, UK (or from anywhere in the world) Every day I am picking a piece of scrap paper to add to a weekly walking collage. After 7 a...

04 Dec 2019 | Reading and Walking

112e. Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, eds., Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies, concluded

Finally I arrived at the book’s final section (aside from its short epilogue): Part IV: “Power, Truth, Ethics, and Social Justice.” “Each chapter in this section connects indigenous theories, pedagogies, and modes of inquiry with emancipatory discourses,” the editors write. “Each works through and around, even if indirectly, critical theory and critical pedagogy. (The ghost […]

04 Dec 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Got 5 Minutes? Take a Wellbeing Walk

Mindful walking does wonders for our energy levels, resilience and stress reactions. Even five minutes can be used to take a walk that boosts our wellbeing. This infographic shows you how. Try making this type of walking a part of your commute or lunch break so that it can become a daily routine. Ideally find … Got 5 Minutes? Take a Wellbeing WalkRead More »

03 Dec 2019

Call for submissions Streetnotes : “Walking in the Digital City”

Dr Claudia Brazzale and Blake Morris are editing a special issue of Streetnotes, a peer-reviewed biannual journal for the interdisciplinary study of the city, its lifeways and social relations, with a special concern for the cultural and aesthetic forms that arise through its traffic. A new generation of artists working in and across disciplines – dance/choreography, performance, visual art, music, … More