31 Dec 2019 | Reading and Walking

New Year’s Eve Walk Around the Lake

I was mentally and physically incapable of reading anything this morning. Mentally, I was exhausted; physically, I was not up to the work of reading. As I’ve discovered, sitting still for hours, reading and taking notes, is physical labour. When I was younger, it was easier. Now it makes my knees ache: the same feeling […]

31 Dec 2019 | Jack Lowe

Making The Timekeeper’s Return: Legacy

After the big day, I was invited to run one more meeting with the Cathedral Quarter team – to talk about how The Timekeeper’s Return went, and to celebrate the efforts of everyone involved in making the event a success.When planning my presentation for...

31 Dec 2019 | Museum of Walking

Seasonly Slow

This week in 2012 we moved from Dulwich to Greenwich – as one of our American friend joked ‘from one silent W neighbourhood to another’. Soon after moving we won a contract from Greenwich Healthy Living Service, part of the borough council, to create more than 100 walking and cycling routes centred on children and […]

31 Dec 2019 | Curated News

A Walk on the Frontier of Art, Where the Sky Is the Limit | Asharq AL-awsat

Augmented reality and virtual reality are opening doors to new experiences for artists and the public.When walking on the High Line, it’s tough to look more lost than some of the tourists, but I did a pretty good job of it last month when I tripped Source: A Walk on the Frontier of Art, Where the Sky Is the Limit | Asharq AL-awsat