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Curated news 3 Mar, 2021

A walk, with artist Jan Rothuizen — Livingmaps Network


Jan drew (and wrote) The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam: Hand Drawn Perspectives from Daily Life (2014) – as interviewer Jacob Wallett describes “is a sensitive, playful and detailed account of daily life as encountered in a number of places around the city. The book includes maps of districts, streets, bedrooms, even the air traffic control room at Schiphol airport. Amsterdam’s reputation is a unique mixture: Equally famous for tech innovation, legal prostitution and its UNESCO-protected waterways. The picturesque streets that meander in long curves along the edges of canals form a deceptively continuous substratum for wildly diverse activities.”

Source: A walk, with artist Jan Rothuizen — Livingmaps Network

Submitted by: Andrew Stuck

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To walk slowly, reticently, scuffing shoes on path, hold back in a belligerent way.

Added by Carolyn Black

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