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New exhibition on Tranquillity at the Wellcome Collection in London – – runs until January 2022 with virtual tour also available.

Take a deeper look at feelings of peace and balance.

Tranquillity brings peace and balance, helping you to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. There may be a wonderful simplicity to experiencing such calm feelings, but they are complex and difficult to attain. This exhibition offers new commissions that take a deeper look,such as Jasleen Kaur’s playful critique of the wellness industry and Chrystel Lebas’s sublime multi-sensory tribute to forests and how they affect our health. Historical artefacts, from a ‘régimedu corps’ medieval wellbeing manual to the notebooks that Octavia E Butler used as self-encouragement, show you some of the different ways that individuals pursue moments of tranquillity.

Source: Tranquillity | Wellcome Collection

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