An unexpected Heimat break – Reith near Kitzbühel

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Its snowing, the white, its deep, the snow shoes, they clip, the Eskimos, how did they do it?, seal skin rope?, walk off, up, steep, up, steep, woods, Bach, burn, brook, the English say, up, the sun, up, steep, and deep, my breath, hear it, must loose weight, feel good, Heimweh, could I live here, again?, Kurz-Österreich, Brexit Britain,  Heimweh-Ferweh, up, sweat, must loose weight, ski slope, not skiers, today, the hill for myself, the mountain, over, up, down, new road, tunnel, for the skiers, the Gasthaus, all new, Treichl, where are you?, all new, all trendy so many guests, so many skiers, Schnitzl, und Kaiserschmarren, yum, Heimat, walk on, our house, Mutti sold it, all fancy, much bigger, no one there, second home, walk on, walk on, past toboggan run, the lift, the mountains, the view, the Kaiser, the sun, paradise?, down again the white fluff, fluff, fluff, down, fast, glad we did it, the PCR test, the passenger locator form the hassle, the Kurz, and his corruption, down, no sweat, no need to loose weight, the Bach, the burn, the brook, trees, the house. Can I have some Glühwein?

Claudia Zeiske

Claudia Zeiske

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 Marŝarto Grand Jury 2024 Writer in residence 2021/22

Claudia Zeiske is a walking curator, whose interest lies in path-making as a cultural practice. With friendship at heart, her walks combine a desire for a slower pace of life with socio-politically and environmentally sensitive issues. For more than a deca...


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