No Trespassing: the art and politics of walking in New South Wales

This is a process-based art project in which Molly Wagner walked the roads, highways and footpaths between Sydney and Bathurst, New South Wales in a series of eleven walks. The title highlights her sense of trespassing into lands, stories and histories despite my practice of walking in public places and pedestrian zones, e.g. footpaths, the shoulder of the road, tracks and narratives published for general access. Molly walked to find answers to her questions about what it is to be a Walking Artist and the nature of Walking Art.

Molly Wagner

Online Jury 2023

Molly Wagner is an ‘unintentional migrant’ to Australia. She left the USA in 1988 for an anticipated five-year residence in Australia and continues to live there. She experiences a chronic sense of transience and impermanence, and Walking Art gives her...

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No Trespassing: The Art and Politics of Walking in NSW – Step Away from the Car | Podcast on Spotify

27 Oct, 2022

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The Art and Politics of Walking in New South Wales

2022-11-29 19:00


Molly Wagner, inspired by a major Australian peace walk, will talk about her walks around New South Wales, captured in her book "No Trespassing".

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