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WALKING (2022)

Book front on white background
  • An anthology of 12 poems and stories on the theme of “Walking Home”
  • A6 sized 24pp chapbook
  • Limited edition – once it sells out it won’t be reprinted
  • Published by Sampson Low and packaged by the Museum of Walking
  • ISBN 978-1-912960-95-8
  • Despatched from the UK €4.99 +p&p

This anthology is published in support of Sound Walk September 2022. Lydia Kennaway and Claudia Zeiske, our two Writers-in-Residence and winners of our inaugural writing competition, chose the theme of “Walking Home” for this spring’s competition. Entrants were invited to submit poems or stories; they could be fictional, factual or memoir, limited to a maximum of just 250 words.

WALKING includes the winning poems and stories from Ines R Amado, Sue Dawes, Kim V Goldsmith, Mark Goodwin, Helen Harradine, Megan Hicks, Tony Horitz, Jan Howcroft, Cheryl Markosky, Marcelle Newbold, David Thompson

The winning poems were judged by Anita Roy (writer, editor and environmentalist) and Lydia Kennaway. The winning stories were judged by Dr Kerri Andrews (writer and academic, working on women’s literature and the history of walking) and Simon Piasecki (academic, artist, performer and writer).

Chris Bestwick edited the anthology, and Alban Low illustrated it. The anthology is published by Sampson Low Publishers.

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Stuck, A. (2022). WALKING (2022). walk · listen · create.
CC-BY-NC: Andrew Stuck
CC-BY-NC: Andrew Stuck
CC-BY-NC: Andrew Stuck

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