Bristol Story Trails

Augmented Reality

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Bristol Central Library, College Green, Bristol, UK

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20 Aug, 2022 · All day

The Story Trails app and local performers will guide you through an immersive tour of Bristol as you travel through time and space to experience the city in new and magical ways.

Outside Bristol Library you will enter a virtual story portal to bring your immersive experience.

Near Bristol Central Library, College Green, Bristol, UK

  • Don Gill - Walking

    Day 369 – Ohkotoki’aahkkoiyiiniimaan (Stone Pipe) / Southgate

    Don Gill
    · 21 Mar, 2021
  • 33 Temple

    ‘Walkings New Movements’

    Patrick Ford
    · 18 Nov, 2019
  • Walking Event


    · Daniella Turbin · 29 Jan - 10 Apr, 2022
  • Walking Piece


    Helen Ottaway
    · Artmusic · Since 2016
  • Walkspace

    Unherd! Walking the Land

    · 2 Oct, 2022

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