Circles of Stories: A Scenic 8-mile Pilgrimage Walk

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Upper Lodges Car Park, Stanmer, BN1 9QB

Event details

2024-02-24 11:00
11:00 UTC
ICS/ICAL · gcal

Join us for a unique adventure on our circular walk, weaving through the breathtaking landscapes of Ditchling Beacon and the South Downs. As we traverse just over 8 miles of scenic beauty, this stroll offers not just a physical journey but a captivating exploration of shared human experiences.
Event Details:

Date & Time: Saturday 24th Feb, 2024, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Starting Point: Upper Lodges (Car park available, parking fee applies)

Why You Should Join:

Discover the Extraordinary in the Ordinary:
Uncover the magic hidden in the everyday as we traverse picturesque trails. Your surroundings will serve as the backdrop to real stories – mine, yours, and those inspired by the rich history of the area.
Connect with Like-Minded Souls:
This is not just a walk; it’s an opportunity to share and listen. Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow pilgrims, exchanging tales of triumph, resilience, and the beauty of the human journey.
Culinary Delights at the Pink Pit Stop Cafe:
Nestled on the South Downs, our journey includes a delightful break at the Pink Pit Stop Cafe. Relish delicious refreshments while soaking in the panoramic views that surround us.
Easy and Accessible:
Perfect for all fitness levels, this easy-paced walk ensures everyone can participate. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting your journey, you’ll find joy in the camaraderie and the stories shared along the way.
Parking Convenience:
Upper Lodges offers a convenient starting point with ample parking available. Please note that there is a parking fee, ensuring a hassle-free beginning to our day of exploration.
How to Join:
Secure your spot on this one-of-a-kind experience by registering on Eventbrite. Limited spaces are available, so grab your tickets now and get ready to embark on a day filled with stories, laughter, and the shared tapestry of the human experience.
Are you ready to become a part of The Story Pilgrim’s journey? Lace up your shoes, embrace the beauty of the South Downs, and let the stories unfold beneath the open sky. See you at Upper Lodges!

Near Upper Lodges Car Park, Stanmer, BN1 9QB

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