Fiesole Urbana Ascolta – Di Notte (Listening Urban Fiesole – Night Version 2020)

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2020-09-29 19:15
19:15 UTC

This is a nocturnal listening walk developed for a small group of attentive people through the ancient streets of Fiesole. The walk is conducted in pure silence and explores the architectural spaces/places of a small village up the hill of Florence during one of the latest night of summer 2020.

Elisabetta Senesi

Elisabetta Senesi

Born in central east of Italy, 1977. Trained as an artist photographer since 2001 with visual project regarding the urban environment and perception of space. Since 2009 she works in the field of Sonic Arts with site-specific projects involving photographs...

Near Fiesole, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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