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University of Chichester, University of Chichester, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 1HR, UK

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2022-09-02 12:30
12:30 UTC

Walking artist Andrea Vassallo, has created a 360 degree video installation of his 1850 km walk that he began in June 2021, from from his home in the West Sussex town of Lancing in the UK, to his childhood home on the outskirts of Venice, in Italy in August 2021 which enables gallery visitors to experience the walk in a new way.

Walking with his partner Carlos, they carried not only camping equipment, but also a drone, two still cameras and a 360 video camera, plus 3D sound recorders to create not only a multi-faceted video archive of the landscapes they passed through and the people they met, but ultimately for Andrea to create a unique installation that affords the gallery visitor the opportunity of walking beside Andrea for stretches of this remarkable journey.

If you visit the Quiddity exhibition a showcase of work from University of Chichester Fine Art PhD students and technicians on Friday afternoon, 2nd September, you can become part of Andrea’s PhD research: “From Home to Home: Peregrination as a method of inquiry in the realisation of an Art Installation” and get your hands on a free copy of “Walking Home”, the chapbook anthology of poetry and prose.

Once you arrive, “From Home to Home” is immediately on your left as you enter the main entrance. You will pass through colourful sound columns that are broadcasting snippets of conversation of people Andrea chatted to on the journey – in four different languages! Beyond the columns, you enter the 180 degree video installation which is triggered by you physically walking forward – to your left you will see Andrea as he walks the route, in front of you will see the path that he is following, and to your right, you will see the landscape view as if you were walking the path in step with him.

Fall into step beside Andrea as he walks to Italy

Andrea would love to know what visitor reactions are to the installation and to the experience of walking the path beside him, so he has asked podcaster and walk · listen · create co-producer Andrew Stuck, to interview exhibition visitors as they leave the installation. These will be very short recorded interviews of a couple of minutes – for submitting to his, you will receive a complimentary copy of “Walking Home” a chapbook anthology of poetry and prose.

The Quiddity Fine Art exhibition runs from 1-11 September (10.00am – 4.00pm) at the St Michael Building on the Bognor Regis campus – University of Chichester Bognor Regis Campus, Fine Art Department, St Michael Building, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 1HR.

Free entry.

Andrea Vassallo

Andrea Vassallo

Of Italian origins but based in England, Andrea is a PhD Candidate and an art technician at the University of Chichester, West Sussex. He is a sedulous walker with many thousands of kilometres under his feet; he walked several Camino of Santiago routes, It...

Near University of Chichester, University of Chichester, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO21 1HR, UK

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