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Gowanus Soundwalk

A soundwalk along the Gowanus Canal through Carroll Gardens to Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Gowanus Canal was designated as an EPA Superfund site in 2010, and historically polluted areas along the site are undergoing remediation and redevelopment. Listening to all sounds in the environment brings us into contact with changes as they occur. “Extending our awareness as far as possible to include any and all sounds places one in the center of the environment, with presence and relationship to all that is going on” – Pauline Oliveros

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2020-09-01 17:30
2020-09-01 17:30

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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attentive walking

A method of walking and attending to experienced environment that is free, open and ‘without agenda’. Not to be confused with the idleness of flanerie or the intentions of attitudinal walking.

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