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Online meetup: Helen Mirra on ‘walking only’

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walk · listen · create hosts walk · listen · café, at least once a month online meeting for creatives in the fields of walking and sound art. Every ‘café’ lasts between 1 and 2 hours, is headed by an expert introducing a particular topic, and followed by an open discussion on the topic at hand.
Online meetings are hosted through BlueJeans or similar. Participants will be sent the meeting URL shortly before the event kicks off.

Peace Pilgrim (1908-1981) walked for twenty-eight years without any money. 
stanley brouwn (1935-2017) never traveled by airplane. 
Andre Cadere (1934-1978) didn’t walk long distances.

In a Buddhist framework, aimlessness is one of the three doors of liberation. 
Can we be within walking, in walking, without doing the walking, while knowing there is walking? 
Can we appear to be walking, without trying to get anywhere?

key word-pairs 
  attentive effortlessness
  local boundlessness
  cellular spaciousness 


Helen Mirra

Helen Mirra



Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire

co-founder of walk · listen · create (Belgium) 

Strolling in a place is, almost always, a way to unfold narratives. But in thousands of years of walking traditions walking is as well an inner experience. Lucius Burckhardt defined walking as an act of the mind and imagination, as such the landscape can be transformed by our mind. In the East, practices of slow walking or silent walking, often in a group, are methods of connection between the outside and inside and instruments for change without acting. In walking, one of the last activities that escape any form of consumption, there is no need for a destination, for a scenario, for a purpose. This lies at the core of my walking practice and in essence is the core of all creative walking.


Helen Mirra

Helen Mirra

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire

co-founder of walk · listen · create (Belgium) 
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2020-06-09 18:00
2020-06-09 18:00


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One thought on “Online meetup: Helen Mirra on ‘walking only’

  1. Hi

    Many many thanks for the Cafe this evening. Hm was a very good host.
    Extremely thought provoking – great to see/hear/read so many folks. Hm was fabulous!
    Well done Geert and Babak for the ‘organic’ organisation!

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Means of transport by foot; or portable device exploited to encourage walking.

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