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Vic, Spain

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2022-07-09 18:00
18:00 UTC

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I DIE LIKE A COUNTRY is a walking performance by the internationally awarded artist Gemma Hansson Carbone. This project, which crosses archeology, hiking, performing arts and poetry is structured around a text written by the contemporary poet Dimitris Dimitriadis and the figure of the Angelus Novus that Walter Benjamin described in his homonymous essay, dated 1961.
I DIE LIKE A COUNTRY is a punk-liturgical experiment designed to evoke the advent of the Angel of History.
The performance appears to be a sci-fi metaphor, with archaic elements, of a society that has lost itself, and which is tirelessly walking forward, in the hope and in the search of a Future.

Participants: 20 people

Duration: 40/45 minutes max
Needs: Personal smartphone with mobile data and personal headset. Participants without a mobile data plan in Europe can use a shared connection.

Please note: the participants will be mailed with the necessary instructions, the map of the walking itinerary and technical assistance prior to the performance!
Registration by email is required in advance.

A public rehearsal with limited participation will be organized on Friday July 8 at 7 PM. The public performance takes place on Saturday July 9 at 8 PM.

Gemma Hansson Carbone

Gemma Hansson Carbone is an Italian/Swedish performer and theater director. Among others, she has worked with Romeo Castellucci, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Mixail Marmarinos, Rodrigo Garcia, Dead Center, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Tomi Janesic and Fabrice Mur...

Near Vic, Spain

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