Sound as an art form; in conversation with Viv Corringham

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2020-09-09 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Artists Amanda Gutierrez and Ximena Alarcon, chaired by Viv Corringham

Amanda Gutierrez and Ximena Alarcon will each present their artistic practice, followed by a conversation chaired by Viv Corringham. Three women artists working with sound as an art form.

Ximena writes: “I am very interested in walking these days, as in searching for a sense of place; also in relation to breathing, through which we feel presence (also across distant locations)! Derived from my work of the last two years with the project INTIMAL, I am developing a prototype of an app to connect with others between distant locations while performing “migratory journeys” simultaneously, through the embodied experiences of breathing, walking, and speaking.”


Amanda Gutiérrez

Online Jury 2022 SWS Grand Jury 2023

Amanda Gutiérrez (b. 1978, Mexico City) trained and graduated initially as a stage designer from The National School of Theater. Gutiérrez uses a range of media such as film and performance art to investigate how these conditions of everyday life set the...

Ximena Alarcón

Ximena Alarcón is a sound artist researcher interested in listening to in-between spaces: dreams, underground public transport, and the migratory context. She creates telematic improvisations using Deep Listening, and interfaces for relational listening. ...


Viv Corringham

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 SWS Award winner

I am a singer, walker and listener, British but currently based in New York. I've been working for about 40 years, making soundwalks, concerts, radio works and sound installations, and hold an MA Sonic Art and a Deep Listening teaching certificate. In m...


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