Lore of the Wild – Artist led walk


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Lesnes Abbey Woods, Walden Close, Belvedere, UK

Event details

2022-12-18 15:00
15:00 UTC

Lore of the Wild is a series of 12 pre-recorded stories accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. They were co-created by Bernadette Russell and Sophie Austin.

This is an opportunity to join us on this enchanting walk and after each story, we will invite moments to reflect and celebrate as we gather in this ancient woodland to hear the stories and consider our relationship with the land as we approach the winter solstice.

As you walk, you’ll hear stories from crows, squirrels, ants, foxes, fungi, the pond, the chalk and even the wind herself, as they weave together tales which connect the woods to the whole world and beyond. Look out for the faces in the trees, dance with the oak tree, gain wisdom from the Green Man, walk to the beat of Lesnes’s ancient secret buried heart and rediscover your own true wildness.

Lore of the Wild was created by Bernadette Russell & Sophie Austin with sound Design by Hannah Marshall and illustration / Design by Melanie Smith

Cast: Charlie Folorunsho, Harriet Kershaw,Natasha Magigi, Bernadette Russell, Thierry Spall

Commissioned through a partnership between Metal and London Borough of Bexley for Estuary 2021.

Please share your experience with us after the walk!:Instagram – @lore_ofthe_wild #loreofthewild



I'm a storyteller working across theatre, film and audio to tell stories that bond us to the natural world. I specialise in writing and directing site-responsive projects that work with communities; human and more-than-human to explore the nature of our co...

Bernadette Russell

Hello! I am an author and storyteller. I have been making audio story walks for around six years, usually with a mixture of science, folklore, natural and local history. I am the storyteller-in-residence and volunteer tree planting supervisor for Trees for...

Near Lesnes Abbey Woods, Walden Close, Belvedere, UK

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