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Meanderers June Walkshop

Join the June Meanderers Walkshop; a fun, curated day of walking, eating and making together. We will begin from The Carousel with a walk exploring natural and urban environments and using the phenomenon of pareidolia to spot faces in unusual places! After the walk will return to The Carousel for a lunch of ‘portrait pizzas’ and a relief printing workshop inspired by the faces and characters we’ve spotted throughout the day! The pizzas will include Gf and Vegan options. Please bring with you something you can take photographs on like a phone or camera. Please contact for further allergy information or any questions- [email protected]

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2023-06-25 10:00
2023-06-25 10:00

The Carousel, Hockley, Nottingham NG1 1FH, UK


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Do you like to stroll? Are you a fan of roaming? Then you should give stroaming a try. This is a word blend, just like brunch. In her 1796 novel Camilla, Frances Burney described a character who “stroamed into the ball-room, with the most visible marks of his unfitness for appearing in it.” The OED indicates that stroaming involves “long strides” and/or idleness, so watch your form and attitude when out on a stroam. Credits to Mark Peters.

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