Possible ways of listening and sound integration of space and time

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2020-11-24 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman, cofounders at Cona (pronounced ‘Zona’) institute in Ljubljana, and shortlisted for the Sound Walk September 2020 Awards for their work Sandbox, discuss Sound walks as contemporary art practice: possible ways of listening and sound integration of space and time.
The event is moderated by by Babak Fakhamzadeh.

Irena and Brane see walking as the principle of an analogue tuning of the mind, and movement, as a political act, used today – more than ever – to implicitly express our views on the evaluation of time. Going places on foot is a waste, yet simultaneously a gift of time. Claiming time to move while being one own’s metronome.

In this presentation and discussion, we will cover our latest performative works, which have connected us with walking, listening, and using locative media tools. These are works that are based on sound field recordings, and reflections on the social relations towards society and nature. 

Through acoustic ecology, the authors want to highlight the perception of our environment, listening and walking as possible forms of artistic activity, which is extremely important in today’s dramatically changing state of social and cultural landscape.

Irena Pivka

Irena Pivka

SWS Award winner

Irena Pivka is an artist, producer, architect and scenographer. In recent years she has primarily focused on artworks that shed light on the connection between place, sound, map and digital tools. She focuses her developing artistic expressions on the prep...

Brane Zorman

Brane Zorman

SWS Award winner

Brane Zorman is a composer, sound and intermedia artist, sound manipulator, producer and curator. Besides composing for the theatre, intermedia and dance, he is focused on developing different strategies, techniques, dynamic and interactive models in his w...

Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman are cofounders of Cona institute for contemporary art processing in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They are gallery curators at Steklenik, a gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art in the space of Tivoli Greenhouse in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and manage the ongoing international project radioCona with a focus on FM as the gallery space.

Their main focus and aim of research and activities is to articulate various aspects, concepts and contents in the vast field of acoustic ecology, sound landscapes and bioacoustics in art. 

Join us for an in-depth discussion on sound and walking.


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