Vernal Equinox Walks

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20 Mar, 2020 · All day

At the end of the week it’ll be the Vernal Equinox.

On the day of an equinox, daytime and night time are of approximately equal duration all over the planet.
Most cultures have recognised this celestial moment, which is celebrated (in the Northern Hemisphere) as the beginning on Spring

To mark the occasion and to take the opportunity to get outside, it’s proposed that we creatively respond (using whichever medium takes takes your fancy) and celebrate the day by walking at specific times of the day.

Our collaborative, synchronised response will be made at sunrise, midday and sunset – either all three moments if you feel like it or just one or two.

If you’re locked-down and self-isolating, you can still mark the moments inside, by doing whatever it is you do.

When you’ve made your piece/s, publish them on-line, send me the URL and I’ll put together a website that links all the contributions. Who knows, we might even produce and publish a book – a good way of spending time if the galleries, theatres restaurants, cafés and pubs are closed down.

Facebook: kelportman
Instagram: @kelarrowsmith
Twitter: @KelPortman

Kel Portman

Kel Portman

Marŝarto23 shortlisted

Kel Portman is an artist, curator, independent researcher and educator. Co-founder of walking artists collective Walking the Land Former senior lecturer in printmaking, photography and digital arts at The London College of Printing (now the London Colleg...

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