WALC Confluence 1 hosted by Gigacircus with guest, Mohamed-Nour Wana


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2024-03-27 18:30
18:30 UTC
English translation of Mohamed-Nour's poems
Video recording

The co-funded EU Walking Arts and Local Communities project offers an opportunity for public scrutiny of the project, by running bi-monthly free “Confluence events”, in which project partners come together to present how the aspect of the project for which they are responsible is progressing.

The first 30 minutes of these hour-long online events, will be presentations and discussion between the WALC partners. The second 30 minutes provides an opportunity of the Confluence host partner to invite a walking artist to present their work.

WALC Confluence 1 is hosted by Sylvie Marchand (FR) and Fred Adam (FR/ES) of GigaCircus, and their French-speaking guest artist is Mohamed-Nour Wana (CHAD/LBYA). The second half of the Confluence will be conducted in French, with a transcript of Mohammed’s presentation made available in English.

Arriving in Paris in 2016, Mohamed-Nour completed a diploma in inter-cultural mediation at INALCO in Paris and he has been a member of the Atelier des Artistes en Exil since 2017.

Long faced with answering questions about ethnic, cultural, linguistic and geographic identity that cause thousands of people to flee their homes, he wrote and published a book about his experiences and those of fellow refugees.

Mohamed-Nour Wana Photo: Sylvie Marchand

Le projet cofinancé par l’UE Walking Arts and Local Communities offre l’opportunité d’un examen public du projet, en organisant des « événements Confluence » bimensuels gratuits, au cours desquels les partenaires du projet se réunissent pour présenter l’avancée de leur projet.

Les 30 premières minutes de ces événements en ligne d’une heure seront des présentations et des discussions entre les partenaires WALC. La deuxième demi-heure est l’occasion pour le partenaire hôte de Confluence d’inviter un artiste  à présenter son travail.

WALC Confluence 1 est animé par Sylvie Marchand (FR) et Fred Adam (FR/ES) de Gigacircus, et leur artiste invité francophone est Mohamed-Nour Wana (CHAD/LBYA). La seconde moitié de la Confluence se déroulera en français, avec une transcription de la présentation de Mohammed disponible en anglais.

Arrivé à Paris en 2016, Mohammed-Nour a obtenu un diplôme en médiation interculturelle à l’INALCO à Paris.Il est membre de l’Atelier des Artistes en Exil depuis 2017.

Longtemps confronté à des questions sur l’identité ethnique, culturelle, linguistique et géographique qui poussent des milliers de personnes à fuir leur foyer, il a écrit et publié un livre sur son expérience et celles de ses camarades réfugiés.

Thanks to the EU Creative Europe Cooperation grant this is a free event – when booking your ticket, take a moment to bring your walk · listen · create profile is up to date, or add a bio to create one if you haven’t already. To keep up to date with the Walking Arts and Local Communities over its four year duration, make sure you are subscribing to the weekly walk · listen · create newsletter.

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Compagnie d'artistes voyageurs invitant à penser le monde autrement, Gigacircus entraîne le public à vivre ses œuvres comme des parcours-sensoriels. Croisement d’artistes polyvalents, Gigacircus relie les arts numériques à l’espace public ou naturel.
Fred Adam

Fred Adam

Online Jury 2024

Founder of the locative media portal the GPSmuseum and co-creator of the collaborative mapping and locative media platform CGeomap, co-creators of the Deep Time Walk app and Jungle-ized the app that brought the Amazon rainforest to Times Square in NYC. Exp...

Mohamed Nour Wana

Mohamed-Nour Wana est artiste écrivain poète et comédien. Né en 1992 J'ai grandi entre le Tchad et la Libye. Arrivé à Paris en 2016 j'ai passé un diplôme de médiateur inter-culturel à L’INALCO de Paris et je suis membre de l’Atelier de...

Sylvie Marchand

Sylvie Marchand

Sylvie Marchand's practice brings art and new technologies together around the creation of interactive devices. She was born in France where she acquired training in the performing arts and anthropology. In addition to her theoretical research, she continu...

Walking Arts & Local Communities (WALC) is an artistic cooperation project, co-funded by the European Union, Creative Europe, starting in January 2024 for four years. With seven partners from five countries, WALC establishes an International Center for Artistic Research and Practice of Walking Arts, in Prespa, Greece, at the border with Albania and North Macedonia, backed up by an online counterpart in the format of a digital platform for walking arts.

WALC builds on the previous work of hundreds of artists and researchers already practicing Walking Arts as a collaborative medium, and having met at the significant previous walking arts events and encounters in Greece, Portugal, Spain, France and during online activities at walk · listen · create.

We acknowledge the support of the EU Creative Europe Cooperation grant program in the framework of the European project WALC (Walking Arts and Local Community).

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

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