Online meetup: Tracey Benson on ‘Eco-activism’

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Start 2020-05-12 19:00 UTC
19:00 UTC

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Eco-activism conjures many different forms of social action, from political protest to verge gardening to swap meets. Although the phrase ‘the personal is political’ was part of the 2nd wave feminist discourse of the 1970s, it is a phrase which, like ‘ think global, act local’ has the potential to help us frame our COVID-19 lives.

Can we now decide to act in ways that align with the earth? As walkers, what are some of the actions we can take to amplify messages about caring for the earth and its creatures?  Can COVID-19 help achieve positive environmental goals – e.g. development of local organic gardens, communities of support or just an increased awareness of our own local ecosystems? How can we take this moment of COVID-19 as an opportunity to shape a future where we see ourselves as part of the ecosystem, not in control of it.


Tracey Benson

Tracey M Benson is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. In 2019 she founded Treecreate, a social enterprise focused on creative action around regeneration, reforestation and eco-awareness. With an interest in ubiquitous ...


Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire

Geert Vermeire is a curator, poet and an interdisciplinary artist, living and working between Brazil, Greece and Belgium. As collaborator and team member of, and, and co-coordinator of the global community event Sound Wa...

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Date 12/05/2020
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