Walk the roundabouts – Perform the Islands

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Vic, Spain

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2022-07-08 17:00
17:00 UTC

Traffic islands are the doors of the city center and the places in the city gathering. This is precisely why they harbor a huge potential to reflect on the quality of design and use in the public space through participation, walking and performativity citizen involvement.
This walk is a collective walk. As a walking group, space can be taken up consciously or unconsciously: Traffic comes to a standstill, entrances and doors are blocked and streets are blocked, information or objects are withdrawn from view, vistas are prevented and furniture is occupied. Unplanned choreographies or unforeseen performances can emerge: a co- creation in being-there that generates an aesthetic understanding of the environment.

Participants: unlimited
Duration: 3 hours (incl. break)

Walking Arts and Relational Geographies

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Simone Etter

Simone Etter

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Near Vic, Spain

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