Wheesht! A walking sound tour of Belfast


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Ulster University, York Street, Belfast BT15 1ED, UK

Event details

2022-11-04 12:30
12:30 UTC

Enjoy a relaxed dander and explore the sound environment of Belfast City Centre. Learn some basic principles of noise and how noisy environments affect our health and well-being. Participants will explore and reconnect with spaces and places and identify quiet areas from which communities and society can benefit. Such places can unexpectedly be found a short distance from some of the noisiest places in the city centre.  

What’s it about? 

The event will highlight the impact of everyday noise in our environment, how noisy environments affect our health and wellbeing, the value of quiet areas that communities and society can benefit from but also how sound is important in creating atmosphere and even safety.

Who’s leading the event?

Lindsay Shaw, Lecturer in Environmental Health at Ulster University

Open to

Everyone is welcome

Event booking deadline

24 hours before the event starts.

Near Ulster University, York Street, Belfast BT15 1ED, UK

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