398 Billionen 236 Milliarden 608 Millionen

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Kulturhafen Groß Neuendorf, Hafenstraße, Letschin, Deutschland

Walking piece details

Language German
Duration 19 minutes
Cost Free

You stand on the bank and look out over the river Oder. Imagine you are waiting for someone here. What are you about to do together? What will you talk about? How will your conversation get flowing?

The audio walk by Storydive’s founder Sophie Burger invites you to take a look at the river from different angles. In the past, the area through which the audio walk passes was regularly flooded. That’s why we’re going on an imaginary dive from the bridge between the loading tower and the engine house and discovering Groß Neuendorf anew from an underwater perspective.

The river’s ecosystem was extremely disturbed in the summer of 2022 when an over-salination led to the rapid spread of golden algae. About 50 percent of the fish population was killed. The future of the river remains uncertain. “398 Billionen 236 Milliarden 608 Millionen” is a declaration of love to the river Oder that doesn’t forget recent events in the process.

The title, by the way, refers to the number of litres of water that have already flown from the source of the Oder to the sea since the beginning of the millennium.

The starting point is the Barwagon at the loading tower in the Kulturhafen Groß Neuendorf. Follow the spoken directions, move along with the story and look around at your own pace. The story adjusts to your walking speed and gives you path choices. The end point is at or near the starting point.

Created for the project Bruchstücke in collaboration with MS Schrittmacher, funded by Neustart Kultur.


script and voice: Sophie Burger
testing: Hartmut Schrewe
postproduction: Fabian Eck
commissioned by: MS Schrittmacher
Hosted by: Storydive



Founded by developer and sound designer Fabian Eck and writer and producer Sophie Burger in 2020, Storydive is an app and platform for artistic and literary site-specific audio works. Storydive both creates and publishes audio walks and works with writers,...

Sophie Burger

Sophie Burger

SWS Grand Jury 2024

I am a writer, dramaturge and the founder of the audio walk platform Storydive. With 15 years of experience in realising audio walks and other site-specific formats in the cultural and educational sector, I create my own productions as well as commissioned...

Near Kulturhafen Groß Neuendorf, Hafenstraße, Letschin, Deutschland

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