A walk with Kazantzakis

CC-BY-NC: Geert Vermeire

A performative soundwalk in Athens, actors interpreting Report to Greco by Kazantzakis, carrying their path in small bags, leaving a trace of sand through the old part of Athens, together with the walkers receiving a portable bluetooth speaker, triggered by approaching locations on the trajectory. Walkers become sound carriers of imaginary and real travels in the world and time of El Greco.

Soundwalk design and musical scenario: Vermeire Geert
Soundscapes/compositions: Stefaan van Biesen
Performative walk directed by:  Geert Vermeire and Sissy Papathanassiou
Actors: Larissa Vergou,Panagiotis Lezes, Christina Hilla Fameli, Charis Simeonidou
Scientific support: Nikos Mathioudakis

Commissioned by the Analogio Festival 2017 – Athens.
Production by the Milena principle / Analogio Festival.

With the kind support of Kazantzakis Publications.

Soundwalk on Locosonic: https://locosonic.com/de/soundscapes/489

Since 2017
Location Plaka, Athens, Greece

Walking pieces in Plaka, Athens, Greece

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