AntVenture: The Only Choose Your Own Adventure user-site-specific storytelling walking app

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What is AntVenture?

CC-BY-NC: David Merleau

AntVenture is an interactive storytelling audio walking app for your smartphone. As you walk through your neighbourhood, your route to work or around your yard, you experience a day-in-the-life of four different types of common ants, and about what they think of humans.

Along your route, you will determine the fate of these ants in classic “choose your own adventure” fashion.
At key points you will be asked to answer a SENSORY CARD question on your screen, a question about your direct surroundings that will allow the story will adapt to this sensory experience.

AntVenture utilizes your phone’s pedometer, meaning that to activate the stories you need to be walking. (However, to enhance accessibility, there is an AUTO-WALK mode to hear the stories without needing to walk.)

Anyone in the world can download the app and it is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store and the app does not collect any of your personal or location data.


Many talented people contributed to the AntVenture project. Fred Adam and Carlos Garcia (Spain) are the app and online development team, original music created by Emilyn Stam and John Williams (Toronto CA), the voice of the ants by Tracy Michailidis (Toronto).
Script-editing by Mario el Jamal (Ottawa CA), and fact Checking by Dr. Terry McGlynn (San Diego USA). Recorded at Ken Whiteley Studios (Toronto) by Nik Tjelios.
AntVenture was researched, written, produced and narrated by David Merleau. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. And many thanks to those who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.

David Merleau

David Merleau

Online Jury 2023 SWS Award winner

I am a radio producer and folklore storyteller with a penchant for biology. My works construct collaborations between two creative forces: Technology and Nature. In my locative sound walks I aim to create a positive feedback loop where the site-specific ...


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