Beneath our Feet

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Hastings, UK

Walking piece details

Duration 4 minutes

This sound piece reveals the hidden history of part of the Fairlight Country Park which leads to a ruined Lookout Tower. As you walk you can listen to the history of the site and the Tower and of the people connected with it together with a soundscape composed from recordings I made walking to and from the tower. The history and the stories were researched by Country Park Volunteers Sally Vennard, Cath Cooper and Kelly Morgan, and read by Sally and Cath.

Mary Hooper

Mary Hooper

Artist experimenting with recording and using sound as part of research and to create immersive multi media installations and stand alone artworks. I record Oral history as part of the work I do and use it with soundscape to create work that evokes 'geniu...

Near Hastings, UK

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