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CC-BY-NC: Tony Onuchukwu

The piece centers on an incarnation of affect in relation to a certain space-time – a visit Isabella made to Birling Gap in East Sussex.

Birling Gap is a wild and cliffy landscape on the edge of East Sussex popular with walkers and hikers.

The protagonist of the piece, Isabella, travels there and is touched, consumed and irrevocably impacted.

Her travels around Birling Gap should be seen as an inner journey, which mirrors the repeated journeys she’s taken there. Like a lost traveller, within her practice, she is constantly looping back on herself, repeating, returning and rediscovering.

I wanted the music to touch on the liminal space between geographical marvel and the subtle signs of a tragic history hidden within the landscape, a sense of fascination and foreboding beneath the joyful and sunny surface.

This piece can be enjoyed whilst walking around the site, otherwise elsewhere, or whilst sitting or lying down in the privacy of your own home.

Tony Onuchukwu

SWS Award winner

Tony is a multidisciplinary artist, sound designer, musician and former doctor whose practice explores counter culture, memory and innovation

Near Birling Gap, Eastbourne, UK

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