Britpop Camden

CC-BY-NC: Miranda Diboll

The Britpop Camden walk is an example of how GPS technology can be used to create an immersive audio experience which can be ‘pinned’ to specific locations. Join me on a nostalgia-fuelled jaunt around Britpop lalaland circa 1995. There is a modest charge for this walk.

I had the honour of living and loving here that year. It was the height of Britpop and I was living in its epicentre; what a great place to be a music fan. By chance I’d found a lovely double room to rent in Primrose Hill. I had the best of both worlds. Rough, riotous Camden Town and gentile, pretty Primrose Hill.

I was a student at the time but my eyes were on the future – I wanted to make websites for popstars. I struggled to learn HTML, preferring to spend my evenings chatting up boys in Fred Perry shirts. I did end up working with My Life Story and some of my personal anecdotes about them will be shared en route.


You can download a Spotify playlist to listen to which is a nice accompaniment to this walk. I recommend you listen to it before the walk to get you in the mood!


Since 2016
Hosted by Miranda Diboll / VoiceMap
Website URL
Duration 80 minutes
Cost $3.99
Location Pratt Street, London NW1 0AE, UK

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