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İzmir, Turkey

Walking piece details

Language English & Turkish
Duration 60 minutes
Cost Free Mobile Application

Anyone who grew up in Izmir would recall their childhood memories of getting lost in Kemeraltı – in the fascination of layers of colorful goods hung on the façades of historical buildings, in the hustling and bustling of crowds filling in the streets, in the intense scents of coffee beans and spices, or literally, in the labyrinth-like cobblestone narrow streets, passageways and courtyards. This act of getting lost is translated in ‘How Disappear Completely?’; a mobile game for experiencing the paths of Kemeraltı, which we know and always walk through, in a different way, through a non-linear story. Bringing together the historical, cultural and everyday layers, the game offers users an interactive experience to visit the past, today, and the fictional future of the area with a series of narratives that blur the line between fictional and reality. While getting lost in Kemeraltı, the mobile urban game raises new questions about the everyday life, time, place and belonging in the city with customized narratives.

The game does not have a particular route and can be formatted according to the paths the user chooses and it has been created separately for ios and android. Everyone who travels to İzmir can download the app and experience.

The mobile urban game is developed in collaboration with Urban Tank in Izmir, Meet Lab from Budapest and Artopolis in Budapest.

Android: https://explore.echoes.xyz/collections/ZNdOFiE1m89wu9Qe
IOS: https://izi.travel/en/5e4b-tr-disappear-kaybolus-izmir/tr


Hosted by: UrbanTank/MeetLab

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